Track conditions, form and scratchings for Sandown-Hillside

Form for the Melbourne Racing Club's meeting at Sandown-Hillside on Saturday.

Form includes Racing And Sports complete form service, neurals, worksheet and customised form guide.

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Track conditions and scratchings

Meeting:Saturday 23Jan2021 Melbourne Racing Club
Rail:True Entire CircuitPenetrometer:
Weather:FineTotal Scratchings:6
Dual Track Meeting:N
Track Type:TurfTrack Rating:Good 4
General Comment:
Irrigation:10mm last 24 hours, 50mm last 7 days
Rainfall:nil last 24 hours, 6.6mm last 7 days
Track Information:Inspection 7:40AM 22/1; Going Stick 9.4 Shear 10.4 Soil Moisture @ 30.6% 10mms of irrigation being applied today

Rail Position Last Meeting

Out 8m Entire Circuit


Race 2:1 EXETER (22/1 0903VC)
Race 3:8 KINGSHEIR (GB) (21/1 1046)
Race 4:1 NELSON (IRE) (21/1 0901)
Race 5:5 LA RICHESSE (21/1 1706)
Race 9:2 ROCK TYCOON (22/1 1427)
13 FLOSTAR (22/1 0905)

Late Scratchings

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Late Riders/Alterations

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Undeclared Riders

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