'The track is in lovely condition' - latest going for Royal Ascot

The official going at Ascot on Thursday morning was described as good, good to firm in places. The GoingStick on the straight course read at 7.7 and 7.5 on the round course.

According to the BHA racing administration site and the Met Office, Ascot is forecast dry and warm conditions until the weekend with temperatures set to reach 23C on Friday.

Temperatures will then increase on Sunday and Monday to highs of 26C and sunny conditions, while the opening day of the royal meeting is forecast to be 24C and sunny.

Temperatures will then drop through the week, with possible risks of showers and thunderstorms.

Chris Stickels, clerk of the course, said: "The track is in lovely condition. We had a wet May and had about 90mm of rain last month, which was quite a bit more than average and that set us up in good shape to get some lovely grass growth.

"Now it's dried out a bit we have needed to start watering, and we're a mixture of good and good to firm.

"We'll monitor the forecast and keep a watchful eye on it. When the temperatures get hotter there can be the risk of thunderstorms, but it doesn't look like we've got any before racing at the moment.

"We're going through a watering programme where we water the straight every other day and the round course every night, but it varies depending on how warm and dry and breezy it's been.

"It's going to be pretty hot on Monday and Tuesday, so we're planning to start on a mixture of good and good to firm one way or the other. It's not impossible by the first race that it could be good to firm, good in places."