The Randwick track awaits the forecast deluge

Preparing for a deluge of rain is not a racecourse manager’s wished for office management issue, however, for Randwick Racecourse Manager Michael Woods it is all as part of his preparation for Doncaster Day on Saturday, despite that deluge forecast of between 28mm to 130mm by raceday.

‘I have being keeping an eye on the forecast for the last two weeks and that has enabled me to dry the track down as much as possible, so while we are a Good 4 we are certainly very close to a Good 3 at the moment,” said Woods on Tuesday morning.

“That has firmed the track up obviously and left it wanting some water.

“Obviously a lot of rain is forecast, but it is certainly set up as best as possible to take that,” he said.

The forecast has changed from Monday to Wednesday morning and Woods is watching the critical rain forecast between Friday and raceday on Saturday. On Monday there was a prediction of a possible 10mm on Thursday, 5mm to 45mm on Friday and 1mm to 20mm on Saturday.

By Wednesday morning this had moved to 3mm to 20mm on Thursday, 25mm to 90mm on Friday and 0mm to 20mm on Saturday.

“It looks to be moving more towards Friday which is pleasing for us. Obviously if we had full sunshine (on Saturday) rather than rain the track is going to be a  lot better,” said Woods.

“There is still a fair amount of rain forecast for Friday, but again, the earlier it finishes the more time the track gets to consolidate after that.

“Worst case scenario is rain throughout Saturday,  but it seems to angling more and more away from that,” he said.

The last meeting on the Course Proper was on March 9th for the Randwick Guineas programme where the rail was out 3m. The rail moves back to the True position for Saturday.

“The track has recovered really well in the last three weeks, we have ticked every box but from an agrimoonics (soil science) stand point,” said Woods.

“We still have one more application of the wetting agent we use which allows the water to go through the profile quicker so that will go out Thursday morning.”

The track remains a Good 4 on Wednesday, but in the upper range towards a Good 3. Sunday’s forecast is for, naturally after raceday, a mostly sunny day and 26c.

Randwick awaits the forecast rain later in the week, picture ThoroughbredNEWS