Tabcorp acknowledges betting web site poor performance

Tabcorp on Monday apologised to TAB account holders who have been experiencing a slow betting service through Tabcorp acknowledges that the performance of its betting website has not been what punters expect.

The problems, which have occurred on an intermittent basis, have caused the website to run slowly and, in some instances, ‘server busy’ messages being sent to customers trying to place bets. There have been days when the website has been functioning consistently and periods on key days, such as the last two Saturdays, in which the website has been operating at sub-standard levels.

The technology issues relate to a major software upgrade being implemented in advance of the Spring Racing Carnival that will allow for the introduction of new betting products, a new look website and new technology functions, which expand access to TAB account betting.

“Tabcorp has been working round-the-clock with our technology suppliers to rectify the problems. We believe they are largely behind us and are working hard to have our website performing to the level we are obliged to deliver to our customers,” said Tabcorp’s Managing Director of Wagering, Robert Nason.

The first function to be upgraded through this work is the Internet site itself.

New look

From tomorrow, customers will see a new look Tabcorp has improved the display of betting information and has made it easier to place a bet. The new TAB racing home page will make it easier for customers to go straight to the race they are interested in betting on. The enhancements include:

• The Upcoming Races panel will display the next five races to go for each code. Customers can simply select a race to go straight to the betting page for that race.

• No more pop-ups. Customers can now log in directly from any page.

• When a bet type is selected, the bet options available for the bet type, e.g. Flexi or Box, are displayed directly below the selected bet type.

• The improved TAB Multileg betting screen will make placing a bet easier and will have a clearer layout and colour scheme. Runner betting information can be sorted by number or approximate Win dividend.

• Preferences have also been enhanced to include both regular betting and Express BET. Customers can also choose to have the Flexi bet option selected by default or set a warning for when you exceed a nominated maximum bet cost.

In recognition of the customer inconvenience over the past two weeks, Tabcorp will announce a series of promotions for customers from this weekend.