RNSW stewards' fine trainer $3,000

Racing NSW Stewards last Thursday conducted an inquiry into licensed trainer Mr Matthew Dunn’s failure / refusal to follow an order of the Tweed River Jockey Club (TRJC) trackwork supervisor Mr Jacob Williams at Murwillumbah racecourse on the morning of Saturday 11 December 2021.

Evidence was taken from Mr Dunn, Mr Williams, TRJC CEO Mr Timothy Booth, licensed forepersons Mr Toby McIntosh and Ms Holly Julius, licensed stablehands Ms Lauren Raemaekers and Ms Sadie Smith and licensed apprentice Mr Jasper Franklin. Licensed foreperson Mr Craig Franklin provided a written statement to the proceedings.


Mr Dunn was issued a charge under AR232(b) of having failed/refused to follow the order of an official in that on the morning of Saturday 11 December 2021, after being advised by Mr Williams that the course proper at Murwillumbah racecourse was closed for trackwork usage he did fail and/or refuse to comply with such order and instructed his staff to continue working horses on the course proper.

Plea: Guilty

When assessing penalty stewards considered the following factors –

1. Plea
2. Disciplinary history
3. Nature of charge and the seriousness of the offence
4. Circumstances surrounding the offence
5. Personal and professional circumstances
6. Principal of specific and general deterrence and what message is to be sent to the
industry and greater public in respect to such conduct
7. Purpose for issuing penalties as a protective measure for the image and integrity of the
thoroughbred Industry and officials in the conduct of their duties

Stewards believed the appropriate penalty for the offence be a fine of $5,000. Appreciating Mr Dunn’s guilty plea and other mitigating factors a fine of $3,000 was issued.

Mr Dunn was advised of his appeal rights. 

Relevant Rule

AR232 Failure to observe processes and direction of PRAs or Stewards
A person must not:
(b) fail or refuse to comply with an order, direction or requirement of the Stewards or an official;

M A Holloway (Chairman)
R W Loughlin