NSW jockey appeal dismissed

NSW jockey Jackson Morris lodged an appeal against conviction and penalty after being found guilty by Racing NSW Stewards under AR115 (1)(a) and AR232(b), of a conduct related matter at Wyong Racecourse on 19 December 2019.

At a convened Steward’s Inquiry on 22 December 2019, Jackson Morris was suspended for a period of 1 month and fined $1,000 (that fine suspended for a period of 12 months subject to good conduct).

An application by Jockey Morris for a Stay of Proceedings, which was opposed by the Stewards, was declined by the Principal Member.

This Appeal was heard Thursday, 9 January 2020, commencing at 9.30am at the offices of Racing NSW. At the commencement, the Appeal against the $1,000 fine was withdrawn by the appellant.

The Panel gave the following orders:

The Appeal against the finding of guilt is dismissed
The finding of guilt is confirmed
The Appeal against penalty is dismissed
The period of suspension of 1 month is confirmed
The commencement of the suspension is to be from 19 December 2019 expiring on 20 January 2020 on which day he may ride.
$25 of the Appeal deposit is refunded