Moor regretfully turns down Singapore licence

Australian jockey Daniel Moor has decided not to take up the licence granted by the Singapore Turf Club.

The Victorian-based rider was on Friday among three expatriate jockeys (Manoel Nunes and Derreck David are the other two) given a six-month licence to ride at Kranji until the end of the year.

Moor, 36, applied to return to Singapore after cutting short a two-and-a-half-year stint at Kranji because of COVID-19 in April last year, and was thrilled to hear of his selection, but the current dire circumstances the world lives in these days have given him no other choice but to regretfully turn it down following a long discussion with his family.

The pandemic, which is currently on the rise back in Melbourne where he has been based since he left Singapore, is again the main reason for declining the job. He also cites more stringent work permit regulations and insurance cover as other reasons.

“I wish to thank the Singapore Turf Club for granting me a visiting jockey’s licence for the remainder of the racing season,” he said.

“It’s however, with sadness, that due to a number of contributing factors, it’s not going to be possible for me to accept this licence.

“Current Covid-19 regulations from both the Australian and Singapore governments make things extremely difficult to travel internationally for employment.

“I’ve also been advised that Work Permit applications are generally taking at least two months to process, which creates a problematic period of limbo for my current obligations.

“It has also become increasingly difficult and almost impossible to obtain a satisfactory level of Personal Medical cover (income protection/death and disability) in Singapore, as an expatriate in a high-risk employment.”

Moor said he would still like to ride in Singapore provided he “can find a solution to these challenges”.