Misconduct charge against Victorian jockey to be held on Wednesday

The Victorian Racing And Disciplinary Board hearing into the charges laid by Racing Victoria stewards' against Jockey, Brandon Stockdale will take place at 10.00am on Wednesday 14 August 2019. 

Stewards have issued the following charges against Mr Stockdale: 

CHARGE ONE: AR 228(b) 
             A person must not engage in:
                    (a) misconduct, improper conduct or unseemly behaviour 

On 12 February 2019, Mr Stockdale entered a property in Cranbourne and stole goods as well as damaging a CCTV camera on the property.

CHARGE TWO: AR 232(i) 
AR 232 A person must not:

                      (i) give any evidence at an interview, investigation, inquiry, hearing and/or appeal which is false or misleading.

On 25 February 2019, Mr Stockdale attended an interview with the Stewards regarding the report of the incident that occurred on 12 February 2019.  Contrary to AR 232(i), the evidence Mr Stockdale gave during the interview was false and/or misleading.