Kembla Grange stewards' report



Illawarra Turf Club


Saturday 1 August 2020


Weather:          Fine

Track:               Heavy (9); upgraded to Heavy (8) at 1.21 p.m. retrospectively to include Race 1

Rail:                 +3m


COMMITTEE OF STEWARDS: J. D. Walshe (Chairman), J. A. Dinopoulos and Cadet T. J. Hansen



Supplementary Report:

Goulburn – Friday 31 July 2020

Race 6: Goulburn Marketplace Class 1 Handicap 1000m:

Moetta– Trainer Mr G. Hickman advised that, following its disappointing performance, the filly will now be spelled.



RACE 1: Jockey Celebration Day Benchmark 64 Handicap 2000m:

Following the running of this event, the track was upgraded to Heavy (8) at 1.21 p.m. retrospectively to include this race.


Curata Princess – Slow to begin. When questioned regarding the performance of the mare, rider K. Latham stated that his mount travelled well during the early and middle stages, however, was under pressure from as far out as the 700m and proved disappointing in the straight.


Hello ChinaPrior to the declaration of correct weight, the Stewards identified from the inquiry room that rider S. Guymer had struck his mount on 11 occasions prior to the 100m. When Stewards could not be comfortably satisfied that Hello China had gained an advantage that resulted in it finishing 2nd place in the race, in accordance with AR221(2), they therefore declined to exercise their powers under AR132(10) and did not proceed with a formal protest. S. Guymer's licence to ride in races was suspended for a period to commence on Friday 7 August 2020 and to expire on Friday 14 August 2020, on which day he may ride. In assessing penalty, Stewards took into consideration that this was S. Guymer's fourth breach of AR132(7)(a)(ii) in the past 12 months, but also took into account the distance of today's race.


RACE 2: Hillross Supernova Woonona Fillies and Mares Class 1 Handicap 1400m:

Readathon – Slow to begin.


Waihora Jewel – Stable representative Ms A. Double was told that the mare, which commenced to hang out from the 800m and then ran off rounding the home turn and consequently could not be tested in the straight, would be required to barrier trial to the Stewards' satisfaction prior to racing again. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.


Kariba – The explanation tendered by Trainer Mr C. Conners for the late declaration of App. T. Schiller as the rider of the mare was accepted by Stewards.


Fearless Mila – After being loaded into its barrier the mare became fractious, contacted its head and dislodged its bridle. The mare was subsequently scratched on veterinary advice at 1.56 p.m. when found to have sustained a small laceration behind its left ear and to have broken a tooth. Stewards ordered that all moneys invested on Fearless Mila be refunded in full and, with regard to betting with bookmakers, all successful wagers made prior to 1.56 p.m. be subject to the following deductions from the face value of each ticket. 

1st Stolen Glance less 10 cents win, 11 cents place;

2nd Kariba less 10 cents place.

Trainer Mr D. Lane was told that he would be required to provide a veterinary clearance prior to the mare being permitted to race or barrier trial again. Mr Lane was also advised that a warning would be recorded against the barrier manners of Fearless Mila.


RACE 3: Jack Primmer Electronics Maiden Plate 1400m:

Squanto – Slow to begin.


Symo’s Girl – Held up rounding the home turn.


RACE 4: Peakfoam Maiden Plate 1200m:

Contessa – Stewards permitted L. Magorrian to ride the filly ½ kilogram over its allotted weight of 55 kilograms.


Windsweep – Slow to begin. Held up rounding the home turn and again became held up for some distance approaching and passing the 200m.


RACE 5: Happy 90th Birthday Cliff Clare Benchmark 64 Handicap 1200m:

Shapur – Slow to begin and hampered shortly after when Caccini shifted out. On return to scale, rider K. Jennings reported that his mount responded well to his riding in the early part of the straight, however, after the 200m gave ground quickly, and for this reason he formed the view that something may be amiss with the gelding and did not test it for the remainder of the race. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities. Co-trainer Mr L. Price undertook to report the results of an endoscopic examination of the gelding, at which time Stewards will give consideration to the immediate racing future of Shapur.


Caccini – The mare was found to have shifted a plate behind the barriers, necessitating it being reshod, which delayed the start of the race. Caccini began awkwardly and shifted out. Shortly after straightening was disappointed for a run between Snippy Fox and Temple Run and, as a consequence, had to be shifted back to the inside of Snippy Fox to obtain clear running after the 400m. When questioned regarding the performance of the mare, rider App. T. Schiller stated that his mount did not travel comfortably given the fast tempo in the early and middle stages and in his view may not have been entirely comfortable on today's heavy track conditions, despite running to the line fairly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed Caccini to have a slow recovery rate. 


Snippy Fox – Raced keenly in the early stages.


Skyray – Slow to begin.  


RACE 6: Dean Industrial Colts, Geldings and Entires Class 1 Handicap 1400m:

Doctor Mancini – Rounding the home turn the gelding was disappointed for a run between Hidden Ace, which was commencing to weaken, and Magico Hombre. In the incident Doctor Mancini made contact with the hindquarter of Magico Hombre and had to be checked, and then was shifted to the inside to obtain clear running.


Saint Ambrose – Raced wide throughout the event.


Foxy Rocket – Began awkwardly and shifted out.


Undoubted – As R. Hutchings became indisposed, Stewards permitted A. Collett to replace him as the rider of the gelding. Undoubted began awkwardly and shifted out. Raced ungenerously with its head up throughout the early stages and, passing the 1100m, shifted out and hampered Hinch'em Up. Undoubted continued to race ungenerously throughout the middle stages of the event. Stable representative Ms A. Double was told that a warning would be recorded against the racing manners of the gelding.


Auburn Boy – On jumping, was contacted by Magico Hombre and shifted out. Held up inside the final 100 metres and consequently went to the line untested.


Hinch'em Up – Passing the 1100m was hampered by Undoubted, which shifted out when racing ungenerously.


Magico Hombre – Began awkwardly, shifted out and made contact with Auburn Boy. Rounding the home turn was contacted on the hindquarter by Doctor Mancini and became unbalanced when that runner was attempting to improve to the inside of Magico Hombre and the outside of Hidden Ace.


Summary of whip use:

Stewards noted that the following riders exceeded the permitted strikes of the whip prior to the 100m under AR132(7)(a)(ii).  Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.


Race 1 J. Penza (By Design) 6 strikes
Race 1 B. Spriggs (Aperol Sprint) 7 strikes


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:  Curata Princess, Aperol Sprint, Hello China

Race 2:  Waihora Jewel, Fearless Mila, Kariba

Race 3:  Amulet Street (2), Deep Value

Race 4:  For Valour

Race 5:  Temple Run

Race 6:  Foxy Rocket


Fines: Nil.
Reprimands: Nil.
Suspensions: Race 1: S. Guymer (Hello China) – use of whip – licence suspended from Friday 7 August 2020 to Friday 14 August 2020, on which day he may ride (AR132(7)(a)(ii)).
Bleeders: Nil.
Warnings: Race 2: Fearless Mila (Trainer Mr D. Lane) – barrier manners.
Race 6: Undoubted (Trainer Mr J. Coyle) – racing manners.
Trials: Race 2: Waihora Jewel (Trainer Mr J. Coyle) – hung out and ran off rounding the home turn.
Certificates: Race 2: Fearless Mila – fractious in barriers - laceration behind left ear and broken tooth.
Fall/Injuries: Nil.
Change of Gear: Nil.
Follow up: Race 5: Shapur (Co-trainer Mr L. Price) – results of endoscopic examination, and immediate racing future.
Change of Colours: Race 2: Stolen Glance – black cap.