Victorian jockey suspended for nine weeks for betting

The Victoria Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board on Monday suspended jockey Nick Souquet for nine weeks for betting.

Panel; Judge John Bowman (Chair)

Appearances: Mr Daniel Bolkunowicz appeared on behalf of the Racing Victotia Stewards. Mr Matthew Hyland appeared on behalf of Mr Nick Souquet.

Charge: Breach of AR   
(1) A jockey or apprentice jockey must not:
(c) bet, or have any interest in a bet, or facilitate a bet, on any race.

Particulars: The RV Stewards allege that Mr Souquet made, and/or facilitated the making of, and/or had an interest in, 10 bets on thoroughbred horse races on 10 November 2018] with the bets placed totalling $125.00.

None of the bets placed were on races Mr Souquet was involved in.

Decision: The Board finds the charge proved.

Mr Souquet convicted and suspended for 9 weeks commencing today, 15 April 2019.

The Board also fined trainer Clive Balfour for race day treatment.

Appearances: Ms Charlotte Landy appeared on behalf of the Stewards. Mr Andrew Nicholl appeared on behalf of Mr Clive Balfour.

Charge: Breach of AR 249(1)

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions set out in Schedule 7, Part 2, Division 2, a person must not without the permission of the
(a) administer; or
(b) cause to be administered,
any medication to a horse at any time on race day prior to the commencement of a race in which the horse js engaged to race

Particulars: On 22 November 2018, Alsimon was entered to run in race 6, the Nextra Benchmark 64 Handicap at Moe (the race). The
Stewards allege that prior to the commencement of the race, Mr Balfour administered and/or caused to be administered, "Racing Oil" orally to A/simon.

Decision: The Board finds the charge proved.

Mr Balfour fined $3500, with payment terms of 30 days.