Track conditions, form and scratchings for Gosford

Form for the Gosford Race Club's meeting at Gosford on Wednesday.

Form includes Racing And Sports complete form service, neurals, worksheet and customised form guide.

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Track conditions and scratchings

Meeting:Wednesday 26Feb2020 Gosford Race Club Ltd  
Rail:+3m EntirePenetrometer: 
Weather:FineTotal Scratchings:12
Dual Track Meeting:N
Track Type:TurfTrack Rating:Good 4
General Comment:Finalised 26/2 - 7:45am
Rainfall:Nil last 24hrs, 19mm last 7 days
Track Information: 

Rail Position Last Meeting



Race 2:9 STUNNING TO WIN (26/2 0726)
Race 4:1 UNAMERICAN (26/2 0718)
 5 STRANGE CHARM (26/2 0527)
 9 LEYDI BLAHNIKS (25/2 1549)
Race 5:3 DEEP CRYSTAL (26/2 0654)
 6 TANGO STEPZ (26/2 0710)
 10 NO DREAMS ALL HOPE (25/2 1549)
Race 6:11 THISWILLDOUS (26/2 0728)
Race 7:15e LADY LEGEND (25/2 1523)
 16e DOCTOR MANHATTAN (Eliminated)
 17e EMPEROR HARADA (Eliminated)
 18e SPIRIT OF ELIJAH (Eliminated)

Late Scratchings

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Late Riders/Alterations

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Undeclared Riders

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