Track conditions, form and scratchings for Gold Coast

Form for the Gold Coast Turf Club's meeting at the Gold Coast on Saturday.

Form includes Racing And Sports complete form service, neurals, worksheet and customised form guide.

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Track conditions and scratchings

Meeting:Saturday 12Jan2019 Gold Coast Turf Club  
Rail:1.5m 1000-400, True remainder.Penetrometer:4.52
Weather:FineTotal Scratchings:29
Dual Track Meeting:N
Track Type:TurfTrack Rating:Good 4
General Comment:Finalised 12/1 - 7:45am
Irrigation:10mm last 24hrs, 48mm last 7 days
Rainfall:Nil last 24hrs, Nil last 7 days
Track Information: 

Rail Position Last Meeting

True Entire Course


Race 1:4 MUNICH (11/1 0858VC)
 5 EMERGENT (10/1 0826)
 6 THERE YOU ARE (11/1 1053)
 20e SERLINA (Eliminated)
 21e RAPID ACE (NZ) (Eliminated)
Race 2:17e CYMBALISM (Eliminated)
 18e CALZINI (Eliminated)
 19e NOT SURPRISING (Eliminated)
 20e COASTAL BOY (Eliminated)
 21e REAL CUTE (Eliminated)
Race 3:17e MAGIC FOX (Eliminated)
 18e SAY I CEE YOU (Eliminated)
 19e KOTA FLYER (Eliminated)
Race 4:17e HURRICANE HARBOUR (Eliminated)
 18e EPIC RANT (Eliminated)
 19e PROTEST (Eliminated)
Race 5:8 HAVASAY (09/1 1236)
Race 7:5 STAR FALL (10/1 1856)
 6 LJUNGBERG (07/1 1452)
 18e DOSS (10/1 1643VC)
 20e MAGIC FOX (Eliminated)
 21e LANCASTER BOMBER (Eliminated)
Race 8:3 YES YES YES (11/1 1006VC)
 18e KRAMERIC (Eliminated)
 19e ROME (Eliminated)
 20e ALBURQ (Eliminated)
 21e LUBUK (Eliminated)
Race 9:1 MOST IMPORTANT (12/1 0811VC)
 9 FIT FOR PURPOSE (09/1 1618)

Late Scratchings

There are no late scratchings

Late Riders/Alterations

Race 1:19e KEREMA MORI - Robbie Fradd
Race 3:2 FIT FOR PURPOSE - Jason Collett
Race 7:1 BOOMSARA - Tim Clark
 19e SAY I CEE YOU - Dale Smith

Undeclared Riders

Race 1:18e BOOM ROCKER