NSW trainer fined $6,000 over positive sample

Racing NSW Stewards' on Tuesday conducted an inquiry into the findings of two accredited racing laboratories that the prohibited substance Heptaminol was found to be present in a post-race urine sample taken from Kopaonik after it competed in and won Race 7 Class 2 Handicap 1200m at Wagga Wagga Racecourse on Monday, 4th June 2018. 

Evidence today was taken from the licensed Trainer Mr Mick Miladinovic, RacingNSW Official Veterinarian Dr Toby Koenig who tendered written evidence, and ARFL Science Manager, Dr Adam Cawley who gave evidence via telephone.

Trainer Mr Mick Miladinovic was found guilty to a charge under AR178 of having brought the racehorse Kopaonik to Wagga Wagga racecourse on Monday, 4th June 2018 for the purpose of engaging in the Class 2 Handicap 1200m, whereby a prohibited substance, namely Heptaminol, was detected in a urine sample taken from that mare after it competed in and won the race.

After giving consideration to submissions from Mr Miladinovic in respect to penalty and having regard to his previously unblemished record over a long period, his personal circumstances and also being mindful of the nature of the substance and precedents relating to this substance, Mr Miladinovic was fined the sum of $6,000.

 Acting under the provisions of AR177, Kopaonik was disqualified from the race in question and the placings were amended to:

1st: Cliff

2nd: Call Me Anything

3rd: Marco Man

4th: Kruanui

Mr Miladinovic was advised of his appeal rights.

Stewards:  T.J.Davidson (Chairman) & J.A.Shultz