NSW owner's appeal dismissed

Racing NSW has advised the outcome of the appeal by owner Daniel Riley over the death of the horse Liezhi Mei and his 21 month disqualification.

Registered Owner Daniel Riley lodged an appeal against conviction and penalty after being found guilty by the Stewards under AR231(1)(b)(iv), and pleading guilty to charges under AR231(1)(b)(iii), LR114(4) and AR232(b) on 11 December 2019.

Following a Stewards inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the body condition and subsequent death of the horse Liezhi Mei and a penalty of 21 months disqualification was imposed.

An application by Mr Riley for a Stay of Proceedings was declined by the Panel after also reviewing submissions from stewards that opposed the application (Mr Riley was invited to make further submissions if he desired to).

This Appeal was heard on Thursday, 16 January 2020 at 9.30am at the offices of Racing NSW. Mr Riley did not appear nor did a representative.

The Panel gave the following orders:

Appeal against finding of breaches of AR231(1)(b)(iv), AR231(1)(b)(iii), LR114(4) and AR232(b) dismissed.
Finding of breach AR231(1)(b)(iv), AR231(1)(b)(iii), LR114(4) and AR232(b) confirmed.
Appeal against severity of penalty dismissed
Total penalty of a 21-month disqualification confirmed. Such disqualification commences on 11 December 2019 and concludes on 11 September 2021.
Appeal deposit forfeited.