Mott confirms two broken legs

Injured jockey Jamie Mott is set to sidelined for longer than he’d initially hoped for, with the popular rider confirming he has broken both of his legs in last Friday’s four-horse fall at Cranbourne.

Mott underwent surgery on his left leg on Saturday, needing a rod inserted into his leg where he’d broken his Fibula and Tibia down to the ankle.

But while hopes were high he could return to riding within 16-weeks, it could now be up to six months with the confirmation he has also fractured his right ankle.

Speaking from his hospital bed at The Alfred on Monday afternoon, Mott said it was a big blow to find out he had also broken his other ankle.

“It was tough to hear because it just means that I can’t have crutches straight away and will have to use a wheelchair,” he said.

“Obviously it’s devastating to get an injury like this in both legs but I’m trying to stay positive and can’t wait to be back out there again.

“I’m so thankful for all the support my family and I have already received, it’s been great to get messages from so many people just wishing me well.”

While Mott doesn’t know yet when he’ll be able to leave hospital, he does have one job at least that he wants to accomplish as soon as possible along with his recovery.

“It was my wife’s birthday on Sunday and she was just stuck in the hospital with me, so when I’m a bit better we’ll definitely celebrate that, she’s been such a big support for me in here already.”