Meetings at Ffos Las and Lingfield face Monday inspections due to wet weather

Ffos Las missed the downpours that struck surrounding areas on Sunday and passed a 4pm inspection, but with the possibility of further rain overnight clerk of the course Dai Jones will have another look at 7am on Monday to be sure the course remains raceable.

The track has not missed a meeting all season but having seen 62mm of rain from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, and with thundery showers forecast for Sunday, Jones was understandably concerned.

The showers failed to materialise, however, and Jones said he was confident provided overnight rain did not drastically exceed expectations.

Jones said: "It's heavy obviously but we've had a brilliant day as we've only had one millimetre since 8am. People around here can't believe it!

He added: "There's a slight chance of 2mm to 4mm overnight, and so long as it's no more than that we'll be racing, but I've called a precautionary inspection just to evaluate what we've had."

Racing at Lingfield on Tuesday is in doubt and hinges on an inspection at 8am on Monday. The track is not currently raceable.

Clerk of the course George Hill, who reported that 9mm of rain took the total since the last meeting on December 3 to 39mm, said: "Some parts are not racecable at the moment – the usual areas like down the back straight and so on – and with standing water in places we aren't raceable at the moment. 

"Just as I was leaving the track this morning there was another sharp downpour, which won't have helped, but it's scheduled to be drier now until Monday night, when there's a band of rain pushing up from the south which they are saying could bring between 3mm and 8mm. The forecasters will have a better idea of that in the morning."

He added: "We are keen to race and I'm meeting Jamie Moore to walk it in the morning at 6.30am to see what we think. If we are raceable, then we'll keep going, but if we aren't happy, then we'll have no chance."