Kembla Grange stewards' report



Illawarra Turf Club


Saturday 26 September 2020


Weather:          Fine and windy

Track:               Good (4)

Rail:                 +3m from 1100m to Winning Post; true remainder


COMMITTEE OF STEWARDS: T. J. Lee (Chairman), T. J. Vassallo and Cadet A. P. New



Supplementary Report:

Kembla Grange: Saturday 29 August 2020

Race 3: Peakfoam Colts, Geldings and Entires Maiden Plate 1200m:

Cliffs of Moher – When questioned regarding his riding, G. Buckley stated that he was issued with no specific instructions other than to have the gelding settle where comfortable. He added that from the outside barrier he elected to restrain the gelding and settle towards the rear of the field in the early stages whereby Cliffs Of Moher travelled well throughout the early and middle stages. Stewards sought an explanation sought in relation to his vigour over the final 200 metres. G. Buckley stated that he had been struck in the collarbone by Cliffs Of Moher in the enclosure, which caused some minor pain to his collarbone. He added that he had no concerns with his ability to be able to ride the gelding to his full capacity prior to the race and during the early stages of the event, however, the pain commenced to worsen and he was unable to ride Cliffs Of Moher out fully in the straight with the vigour that would be expected in normal circumstances. Immediately following the race, G. Buckley reported to the Stewards that he was suffering from pain and, as a result, the club doctor performed an assessment of his suitability to continue riding. Whilst the doctor acknowledged that G. Buckley had some discomfort, he was deemed suitable to fulfil his final engagement in race 5. G. Buckley was reassessed by the club doctor prior to race 5 and was passed fit to ride. Whilst noting G. Buckley's explanation, he was nevertheless advised that if a similar occurrence arose in future whereby his capacity to ride and test his mounts during a race may be affected, he should notify the Stewards immediately so that an assessment of his fitness can be determined.


RACE 1: Wollongong Class 1 and Maiden Plate 2000m:

Bulwark – Change of tactics - to be ridden further forward: Settled midfield. Near the 600m, when weakening, had to be steadied when crowded by Tuscan Light when that runner was taken in by Gorshin (B. El-Issa), which shifted in when not clear. B. El-Issa was reprimanded.


Our Bambino – Change of tactics - to be ridden conservatively: Settled midfield. Hung in in the straight and near the 300m B. McDougall was obliged to stop riding and straighten his mount to prevent it from shifting in further.


Brash Sammy – L. Magorrian pleaded guilty to a charge under AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using the whip on 10 occasions prior to the 100m, five more than permitted. L. Magorrian was fined $400.


Tuscan Light – From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.


Sir Gunsen – Began only fairly. Near the 600m, when laying in, had to be eased from the heels of Tuscan Light. Laid in under pressure rounding the home turn and throughout the straight.


Gorshin – Change of tactics – intention to be ridden conservatively: Settled back. Stewards considered a protest lodged by B. El-Issa, rider of the 2nd placed Gorshin, against the winner Our Bambino (B. McDougall) alleging interference near the 300m. After taking evidence from all parties and viewing the Stewards' patrol films it was established that shortly after straightening Our Bambino commenced to hang in when placed under pressure. Near the 300m Our Bambino continued to hang in and, as a result, Gorshin had to be eased from the heels of that runner for a short distance. Bearing in mind the proximity of the interference to the winning post and the margin of a length and three-quarters between the respective runners, Stewards could not be comfortably satisfied that had this interference not occurred Gorshin would have beaten Our Bambino and therefore the protest was dismissed. From the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Overraced in the middle stages. B. El-Issa will be interviewed in relation to his riding of Gorshin from the 600m.


RACE 2: Wombarra Maiden Plate 1600m:

Fine Ruby – After being slow to begin was shifted behind runners in the early stages from the outside barrier. Near the 600m, when racing keenly, had to be steadied from the heels of Aidenabet when that runner shifted out slightly. Hung in in the early part of the straight and continued to do so when endeavouring to secure a run between Can Do It and Splendiferous passing the 300m. Fine Ruby continued to hang in for the remainder of the event.


Skagerak – From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.


Aidenabet – Slow to begin. Rounding the home turn was eased to avoid the heels of Spin That Wheel, which shifted out. Near the 300m was again inconvenienced by Spin That Wheel, which shifted out slightly.


Amulet Street – Near the 600m, when inclined to overrace, improved into a position between Queen Zoffany and Splendiferous and had to be steadied when Splendiferous laid in.


Can Do It – Slow to begin. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities. Stewards will interview S. Guymer in relation to his riding over the final 200 metres.


Real Peace – Near the 400m had to be eased from the heels of Dizzy Dawn, which was bumped and taken wider by Amulet Street (B. Loy), which shifted out when not quite clear. B. Loy was reprimanded.


Socrates – Change of tactics – option to be ridden further forward: Settled off-pace. Slow to begin. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.


Canadian Spice – Stewards permitted L. Magorrian to ride the filly ½ kilogram over its allotted weight of 55 kilograms. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance, rider L. Magorrian stated that the filly travelled well in the lead throughout the early and middle stages and when placed under pressure near the 500m failed to respond to his riding. He added that over the final 200 metres, when the filly commenced to weaken quite quickly, L. Magorrian desisted from riding as he was concerned something may be amiss. A post-race veterinary examination revealed Canadian Spice to be slow to recover.


Splendiferous – Blundered on jumping. Raced keenly in the middle stages. Rider W. Costin reported that the filly travelled keenly throughout the event and laid in when placed under pressure near the 500m before weakening noticeably from the 300m. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.


RACE 3: Woonona Conditional Open Handicap 1600m:

Get The Idea – Laid out over the final 100 metres.


Peyton Place – On jumping was hampered by Get The Idea, which shifted in.


Tampering – A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.


Perfect Illusion – After beginning only fairly, shifted behind runners in the early stages from the outside barrier. When questioned regarding his riding from the 500m, rider J. Mallyon stated that when trailing Get The Idea rounding the home turn, he had observed Glamour Fox, which was positioned to the inside of Get The Idea, commencing to improve and he therefore elected to shift toward the inside of Get The Idea to commence trailing that runner. He added that when Glamour Fox did not initially improve as he had anticipated he then became held up behind that runner and was unable to secure clear running until near the 150m. J. Mallyon was further questioned as to whether there was an opportunity to remain trailing Get The Idea into the straight and having the option to shift to that runner's outside. J. Mallyon stated that whilst that option was available to him, he did not feel that it would be in his mount's best interests to shift out and expose his mount, which was resuming from a spell, at that point of the race as he believed that the gelding is best suited when not exposed early. He further added that as he had already committed to the inside of Get The Idea, he would then have to restrain his mount in an endeavour to shift to a position to the outside of that runner. Stewards advised J. Mallyon that the better option would have been to remain trailing Get The Idea into the straight and shifting to the outside of that runner after the 400m, which would have provided him with clear and uninterrupted running.


Bezos – Near the 300m, when weakening, shifted out slightly, making contact with Glamour Fox, which was taken in slightly by Riot Act, and a short distance later had to be checked when crowded between Tenorino and Glamour Fox. Bearing in mind the minor nature of the shifts of the runners involved, Stewards took no action. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.


Glamour Fox – Stewards permitted K. Latham to ride the mare ½ kilogram over its allotted weight of 55 kilograms.  Slow to begin and had to be restrained from the heels of Bezos.


Tenorino – Near the 300m was bumped on the hindquarters by Bezos and became unbalanced. Near the 200m when held up had to be shifted to the outside of Glamour Fox to continue into clear running.


Following Race 3 all jockeys who rode in the event expressed concern at scale regarding the wind and the effect it had on their mounts during the race. Consequently, Stewards interviewed a delegation of senior riders in order to determine if their concerns were such that the meeting should be postponed on the grounds of safety of both horse and rider. After considering submissions from those riders and taking advice from the Bureau of Meteorology relative to the forecast conditions, the Stewards ordered that the remainder of the meeting be postponed.


RACE 4: Windang Fillies and Mares Maiden Handicap 1400m:

Provide – Trainer Mr G. Portelli was fined $100 under LR35(2) for failing to declare A. Collett as the rider of the filly by the prescribed time.



Summary of whip use:

Stewards noted that the following riders exceeded the permitted strikes of the whip prior to the 100m under AR132(7)(a)(ii).  Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.


Race 1 R. Hutchings (Kim Alicia) 7 strikes
Race 1 B. McDougall (Our Bambino) 6 strikes
Race 2 K. Latham (Socrates) 6 strikes


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1: Gorshin

Race 2: Aidenabet, Skagerak

Race 3: Bezos, Glamour Fox

Race 4: Queen Snip

Race 5: Either Oar, Super One Susie

Race 6: East Asia












Change of Gear:


Follow up:

Race 1: B. El-Issa (Gorshin) – riding tactics from 600m.

Race 2: S. Guymer (Can Do It) – riding tactics from 200m.

Change of Colours:




Fines: Race 1: L. Magorrian (Brash Sammy) – fined $400 - whip use (AR132(7)(a)(ii)
Race 4: Trainer Mr G. Portelli (Provide) fined $100 for late declaration of rider (LR35(2)).
Reprimands: Race 1: B. El-Issa (Gorshin) (AR131(a)).
Race 2: B. Loy (Amulet Street) (AR131(a)).
  1. Nil.