Hong Kong


HKJC licensing decisions

The following is a summary of decisions that were made by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Licensing Committee at their meeting held on Friday:-

1. The Committee resolved to grant an extension of Club Jockey’s licence to Vagner Borges from 15 June 2020 to the conclusion of the current 2019/2020 racing season, both dates inclusive.
2. The Committee also resolved to:-
2.1 grant a full-season Club Jockey’s licence to each of the following jockeys for the 2020/2021 racing season:-
•      Antoine Hamelin
•      Joao Moreira
•      Zac Purton
•      Chad Schofield
•      Karis Teetan

2.2 grant a part-season Club Jockey’s licence to each of the following jockeys for the 2020/2021 racing season to commence on 16 July 2020 and to expire on 15 February 2021:-
•      Vagner Borges
•      Neil Callan
•      Blake Shinn

Due to the uncertainty which currently exists in relation to travel and entry restrictions into Hong Kong, the Committee decided that it is not appropriate at this juncture to announce which other candidates for licensing will be granted a Club Jockey’s licence.

Further additions to the Club’s Jockey roster will be announced at the relevant time.

 2.3 grant a Freelance Jockey’s licence for the 2020/2021 racing season to each of the following applicants:-
•         Matthew CHADWICK
•         Vincent HO Chak Yiu
•         Alex LAI Hoi Wing
•         Derek LEUNG Ka Chun
•         Dylan MO Hin Tung
•         Matthew POON Ming Fai
•         Jack WONG Ho Nam
•         Keith YEUNG Ming Lun

 2.4 extend the current indenture of Victor WONG Chun until 13 March 2021 or until such time as he is able to ride his 70th race winner in Hong Kong, whichever is the earliest.
 2.5 grant an Apprentice Jockey’s licence for the 2020/2021 racing season to the following applicants:-
•      Alfred CHAN Ka Hei (allocated to Trainer Frankie F C Lor)
•      Jerry CHAU Chun Lok (allocated to Trainer Douglas Whyte)
•      Victor WONG Chun (allocated to Trainer Tony Millard)

2.6 grant a Trainer’s licence for the 2020/2021 racing season to each of the following trainers:-

Michael C W Chang                       Frankie F C Lor        Chris W Y So
Anthony Cruz                      Francis K W Lui       Jimmy K H Ting
David Ferraris                     Manfred K L Man    Me Y S Tsui
Caspar Fownes                    Anthony Millard      Douglas Whyte
Richard Gibson                   Paul O’Sullivan        Dennis C H Yip
David Hall                            Danny C S Shum      Ricky P F Yiu
Peter L Ho                            John Size                   Benno T P Yung

(David Hayes was previously granted a Trainer’s licence for the 2020/2021 racing season on 9 September 2019.)

2.7 grant an Assistant Trainer’s licence for the 2020/2021 racing season to each of the currently licensed Assistant Trainers listed below:-

Applicants for Assistant Trainer’s Licence Allocated Stable
Johnny K S Ho - Michael C W Chang
Cody W K Mo ]- Anthony Cruz
HO Kang Kong (CRC) ]
TAI Siu Lun - David Ferraris
Philip C K Chung ]- Caspar Fownes  
Tommy T M Cheung (CRC)  ]
Jones P C Ma - Richard Gibson
Gabriel S T Lee - David Hall
Jim C H Wong - David Hayes
Way M W Leung - Peter L Ho
Talley C C Chan ]- Frankie F C Lor
Patrick P K Lo (CRC) ]
Pierre P C Ng - Francis K W Lui
IP Wing Hang - Manfred K L Man  
Paul P H Lo ]- Paul O'Sullivan
Francis T S Wong (CRC) ]
Ken P H Szeto - Danny C S Shum  
Adrian S L Chow ]- John Size  
Nelson C P Lam (CRC) ]
NG Kai Ming ]- Chris W Y So
Kevin K K Yun (CRC) ]
William K W Lee ]- Jimmy K H Ting
Kyle C M Lai (CRC) ]
Ken W H Leung (CRC)          - Me Y S Tsui
Vincent S K Sit ]- Douglas Whyte
Fred C W Cheng (CRC) ]
Wilson Chan ]- Dennis C H Yip
Danny W P Hung (CRC) ]
Eric H F Yiu ]- Ricky P F Yiu
Henry Y H Wong (CRC) ]
Roy H W Cheung ]- Benno T P Yung
Larry Y W Ho (CRC) ]

2.8 promote the following applicants from Head Lad to the position of Assistant Trainer for the 2020/2021 racing season:-

Applicants Allocated Stable
Admond LAI Kim On - Me Y S Tsui
Cash LEE Tsz Wai - Tony Millard

2.9 grant an Assistant Trainer II licence for the 2020/2021 racing season to Eric L Y Lin, allocated to Trainer Danny C S Shum, and Carol W S Yu, allocated to Trainer David Hall.

The announcement of further Assistant Trainer allocations will be made at the appropriate time.

Third-phase dual-site trainers named for Conghua Racecourse

The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced today (Friday, 5 June) that trainers David Hall, David Hayes and Douglas Whyte will be allocated stables at Conghua Racecourse in the third-phase implementation of its dual-site operation.

The 15 trainers licensed for dual site operations next season are Tony Cruz, Caspar Fownes, David Hall, David Hayes, Frankie Lor, Paul O’Sullivan, Danny Shum, John Size, Chris So, Jimmy Ting, Me Tsui, Douglas Whyte, Dennis Yip, Ricky Yiu and Benno Yung.