Godolphin Flying Start continues remotely

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Godolphin Flying Start has taken measures to protect the health of trainees, management, applicants and the communities in which they are all based by proceeding with the course remotely.

Current first and second year trainees are continuing their Graduate Certificate in Management and other modules by videoconference and through online lectures and courses.  

Clodagh Kavanagh, Executive Director of Godolphin Flying Start, commented: “We have had to make some crucial decisions and adapt very quickly to the situation caused by COVID-19 in the past two weeks. Most of the trainees have returned to their home countries in Australasia, Europe, the USA and Japan and they have shown their maturity and resilience in coping with the change in their learning environment. We are using technology to build our online community, stay engaged and deliver meaningful learning experiences as well as challenging assignments to the first and second trainees for the foreseeable future. 

“The challenge has caused us to innovate and to discover new ways of doing things, some of which we intend to build on along with our traditional methods. Most importantly the trainees and the Flying Start team are in good health and are adhering the best practice health protocols in their local areas at the moment.”

Anna Power, second year trainee who has recently returned to Sydney from Dubai, said; “I will be completing the remaining academic components of the course from my suburban Sydney home, a vastly different setting from the farmland of Kildangan Stud. However, using tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams I will be able to continue my learning and stay connected to my peers during this period. I would like to thank the Godolphin Flying Start management team and our external lecturers for their continued support and flexibility to ensure the delivery of high quality education.”

Caitlin Smith, first year trainee who flew home from Kentucky to Euroa in Victoria two weeks ago, added; “I am taking this as an opportunity to reflect and expand on my capabilities. I am dedicating time to reading more, improving my knowledge of technology and seeking opportunities within the current climate.  Although COVID-19 has caused substantial change to the USA phase, we are fortunate to continue the academic component of the course remotely. Our legal, financial and farriery modules will be delivered online and we will continue regular team engagements via video conferencing to improve our leadership and communication capabilities. I am grateful to live on a thoroughbred training property and will continue my hands-on involvement with the horses while undertaking my GFS work.”

Interviews of candidates for the 2020 intake and the final selection meeting will continue to take place and shall be conducted by videoconference.

Kavanagh added: “We have completed 2020 interviews for USA and UK based candidates using videoconferencing and we will use the facility for the Australian interviewees also. At the moment we plan to commence the programme as usual at Kildangan in August 2020. This is subject to the COVID-19 status and protocols around the world closer to that time. The selection meeting for the class of 2020 is at the end of April.”