Darwin Turf Club Acting Chairman meets with Chief Minister

The Darwin Turf Club issued a statement on Thursday advising that the Acting Chairman of the Darwin Turf Club, Mr. Richard O’Sullivan, has met with the Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, over ongoing support of Darwin Racing.

The Chief Minister is on the record as stating he wants the $12 million contributed to the Grandstand returned to government coffers. Under this scenario around $2.5 million annually would be withdrawn from the Darwin Turf Club over a 5 year period.

Mr. O’Sullivan stated that he was encouraged by the Chief Minister’s agreement to further discussions when a newly constituted board is elected by the members at the special general meeting to be convened on the 9th of August.

“It’s a positive indicator that the Chief Minister is prepared to convene talks over ongoing funding for Darwin Racing.” Mr. O’Sullivan said.

“It is important that the government assist our racing industry to grow and expand as this great industry employs hundreds of people, contributes enormously to our tourism industry and is a part of our territory lifestyle.”

“My take from the meeting with the Chief Minister is that he will require assurance or certainty that the incoming board is committed to the highest levels of Governance and transparency.”

Should the new board meet these standards Mr. O’Sullivan expressed confidence that funding arrangements could be satisfactorily resolved.

“I look forward to the day when the club’s relationship with the Chief Minister is normalized and as both local Members and Chief Minister, we see Mr. Gunner back at the Fannie Bay races.”

Link - Darwin Turf Club Special General Meeting for election of new Board