Canterbury stewards' report



Australian Turf Club



Friday 15 November 2019


Weather:                         Fine

Track:                              Good (4)

Rail:                                 True.

Penetrometer:                 4.99


COMMITTEE OF STEWARDS:  W R Birch (Chairman), T P Moxon, J J E Earl, C L Albrecht and Cadets J P Dunn and T J Hansen.



Supplementary Reports:

Hawkesbury Wednesday 13 November 2019:

Race 5: Lander Toyota Fillies and Mares Maiden Plate 1300m:

Secret Success- Stable representative Mr G Thompson advised that Secret Success would now be spelled. Acting on this assurance no further action was taken.




As rider J Collett was indisposed due to injury, Stewards permitted the following rider changes:


Race 2 C Reith on Seraph
Race 3 J Ford on Miss Keira
Race 4 C Reith on Silent Explorer





RACE 1 – Featherdale Wildlife Park Plate 1550m
Exterminate –
Slow to begin and from the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Raced keenly at the heels of Corporal during the middle stages.

Submission – After beginning only fairly, from a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.

RACE 2 – Cyren Bar Grill Seafood Plate 1550m
Oxidization – Began awkwardly and shifted in abruptly.Overraced when the tempo slowed in the middle stages.

Red Hot Chillypins – Leaving the 1500m was taken wider on the track by Earth Song which shifted out to consolidate a position one off the fence outside of Starla. Raced greenly when placed under pressure and leaving the 400m shifted in making contact with Earth Song. Passing the 50m rider J Ford lost the use of his near side rein and did not recover it until passing the finish line.

She's So Savvy – Was standing awkwardly in the barriers and was slow to begin.

Southern Queen – Began only fairly and was then hampered and taken in by Oxidization and as a consequence made contact with the hindquarters of Diamonds And Rust and became unbalanced.

Diamonds And Rust – Shortly after the start was bumped on the hindquarters by Southern Queen and became unbalanced.

Seraph – Slow to begin.

Earth Song – Rider K McEvoy reported that Earth Song raced in a manner that suggests the filly is looking for a step up in distance and in his opinion would appreciate a bigger track.

Starla – Overraced when the tempo slowed in the middle stages.

RACE 3 – Fastlane Karting Sprint 1200m
Auxin – Lost its near hind plate near the 900m.  

Bob's Your Uncle – Slow to begin.

L'Cosmo – Was bumped shortly after the start by Indigenous.

Emthree – Made the turn at the 700m awkwardly and shifted out and when being corrected by its rider got its head up and raced ungenerously for a short distance. Laid out when racing wide and without cover in the middle stages.

Keen On Gold – Slow to begin and shortly after the start bumped Bob's Your Uncle.

Miss Spiteful – Near the 900m had to be steadied from the heels of Auxin (N Rawiller) which shifted in when at the same time, Tim Clark rider of Miss Spiteful was shifting the filly out to ensure he would be able to maintain a position away from the running rail. In the circumstances N Rawiller was reprimanded for careless riding under AR131(a).  

Indigenous – Leaving the 800m was bumped by L'Cosmo and had to be steadied when tightened for room between that runner and Solid Foundation after L'Cosmo which commenced to race fiercely improved to the inside of the heels of Miss Spiteful where there was insufficient room to do so.

RACE 4 – Total Canteen Solutions Handicap 1550m
Silent Explorer –
For some distance leaving the 1200m raced fiercely when being restrained to take a trailing position behind the winner Soldier Of Love.

Adana – Slow to begin. After being shifted outwards onto the back of Bullet Fly rounding the home turn was then obliged to shift back to the inside of that runner when disappointed for clear running when Silent Explorer held a tight position back to the outside of Bullet Fly.

Live The Moment – From the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.

High Mist – Raced ungenerously through the middle stages.

RACE 5 – Schweppes Handicap 1900m
Chivadahlii – Slow to begin.

Stardome – When asked for an explanation concerning the gelding's poor performance rider K McEvoy stated that the gelding began awkwardly, and his right foot made contact with the barrier partition resulting in him becoming unbalanced. Consequently, Stardome settled towards the rear of the field. K McEvoy added that whilst in his view the tempo of the race gave Stardome the opportunity to run on it was unable to do so tonight and proved extremely disappointing in the run to the finish. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be displaying cardiac arrythmia. Stable representative Mr C Duckworth was advised that a veterinary certificate including the results of an ECG would be required prior to the gelding barrier trialling to the satisfaction of the Stewards before racing again.  

Fabricator – For some distance leaving the 1200m overraced at the heels of Californiafirebird and had to be restrained by its rider.

Brilliant Mind – From the leaving the 600m until passing the 300m was held up and unable to improve into the race. Had a tendency to lay in under pressure in the home straight and near the 200m had to be steadied when shifted away from the heels of Fabricator which was taken out slightly by Californiafirebird.

De Valera – Slow to begin and then was crowded shortly afterwards by Californiafirebird which shifted out.

RACE 6 – Jamberoo Action Park Sprint 1200m
Alison Of Tuffy – Was crowded on jumping between Heaven On Earth and Brazilica which shifted in.

Brazilica – Began awkwardly, shifted in, made contact with Alison Of Tuffy and became unbalanced.

Special Snap – An explanation was sought regarding the tactics adopted by rider J McDonald in particular the reason he did not steady Special Snap in the middle stages when the speed was strong and take a trailling position, ultimately this resulted in a particularly fast tempo being set between the 1000m and the 600m. Whilst J McDonald acknowledged that the pace of the race through that section was fast he was reluctant to take a trailing position as Special Snap had raced well when racing without cover in a position outside the leader at Warwick Farm on 7 October 2019 and had subsequently disappointed when ridden with cover at Rosehill on 2 November 2019. J McDonald added that based on these past performances he decided to hold the lead even in circumstances whereby the tempo was strong, however acknowledged in hindsight he should have allowed Dorothy Of Oz to cross his mount and obtain a trailling position behind that runner in the early stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be 2/5 lame in the off hindleg. Stable representative Mr D Beadman was advised that a veterinary clearance would be required prior to Special Snap being permitted to race or barrier trial again. App R Dolan rider of Invinciano was found guilty of a charge of careless riding under AR131(a) for allowing his mount to improve up onto the heels of Dorothy Of Oz and after becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of that runner, shifted in abruptly resulting in Invinciano becoming awkwardly positioned on the heels of Special Snap,  galloping on the off hindleg of that runner resulting in Special Snap becoming unbalanced. After hearing submissions with respect to penalty the matter was adjourned to a time and date to be fixed.

Arleta – Began only fairly.

Dorothy Of Oz – Made the home turn awkwardly, shifted out and became unbalanced.

Sister Maree – Raced wide and without cover from the 700m.

RACE 7 – Suttons Kia Evening Star 1250m
Discussions – Began awkwardly and lost ground. Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have bled from both nostrils for the second time. Trainer Mr J Pride was advised of the provisions under AR79(6).

Sondelon – Shortly after the start laid in and away from Andaz.

Arraignment – Held up for clear running from the 300m until passing the 200m.

I'm Telling Ya – Slow to begin and then from the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.

Sedition – Raced wide and without cover throughout the middle stages. C Reith rider of Weekend Affair pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under AR131(a) in that approaching the 200m he permitted his mount to shift out when not clear of Sedition resulting in that horse having to be steadied away from the heels of Weekend Affair. C Reith's license to ride in races was suspended for a period to commence on Sunday 24 November 2019 and to expire on Monday 2 December 2019 on which day he may ride.

Oneness – Overraced during the middle stages.

C'Est Davinchi – Slow to begin. Held up from the 300m until passing the 200m.

Andaz – Leaving the 1000m had to be steadied when tightened for room between Sondelon and Discussions (App R Dolan) which shifted in. App R Dolan was reprimanded under AR131(a) for careless riding.A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  

RACE 8 – QE Foods Classic Handicap 1100m
Through The Cracks – Hung out and made the turn awkwardly when racing wide and without cover from the 500m. Continued to lay out rounding the home turn and when under pressure in the straight.

Chapelco – Raced keenly throughout the middle stages.

Tessera – Raced wide and without cover from the 700m. Inside the 200m was crowded by Kawaikini which laid out.

Under The Thumb – After being kicked by Kawaikini behind the barriers, was examined by the Club's Veterinary Officer and deemed suitable to race. Near the 700m had to be eased when crowded by Chapelco when that runner shifted in when not fully clear. Passing the 250m was eased form the heels of Tessera which laid out and away from Kawaikini.

Roman Typhoon – Slow to begin and shortly after the start clipped the heels of Chapelco which shifted in slightly and blundered. Was held up approaching and rounding the home turn and after securing clear running in the early part of the straight had a tendency to lay in. This resulted in its rider having difficulty fully testing the gelding until a point passing the 100m.

Summary of whip use:

Stewards noted the following riders exceeded the permitted strikes of the whip prior to the 100m under AR132(7)(a)(ii). Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.

Race 5 K Latham (Californiafirebird) 6 strikes prior to the 100m.
Race 5 R King (De Valera) 6 strikes prior to the 100m.
Race 6 K Latham (Alison of Tuffy) 6 strikes prior to the 100m.



Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:     Litchfield, Exterminate, Bigboyroy(2), Corporal.

Race 2:     Red Hot Chillypins, Southern Queen, Earth Song, Diamonds and Rust.

Race 3:     Alan, Emthree, Miss Spiteful(2), L'Cosmo.

Race 4:     Chocolatier.

Race 5:     Californiafirebird(2), Joe's Joy, Arrows Destiny, Zaunkonig.

Race 6:     Alison Of Tuffy, Invinciano, Our Revenue(2).

Race 7:     I'm Telling Ya, C'Est Davinchi, The Pharoah, Oakfield Twilight.  

Race 8:     Through The Cracks, Roman Typhoon, Partners, Kawaikini.


Fines: Nil.
Reprimands: Race 3: N Rawiller (Auxin) – careless riding (AR131(a))
Race 7: App R Dolan (Discussions) – careless riding (AR131(a))
Suspensions: Race 7: C Reith (Weekend Affair) – careless riding (AR131(a)); 24.11.19 to 2.12.19.
Bleeders: Race 7: Discussions (Trainer J Pride) – bled both nostrils second time.
Warnings: Nil.
Trials: Race 5: Stardome (Trainer Mr C Waller) – cardiac arrythmia.
Certificates: Race 5: Stardome (Trainer Mr C Waller) – cardiac arrythmia including ECG.
Race 6: Special Snap (Trainer J Cummings) – 2/5 lame off hindleg.
Fall/Injuries: Nil.
Tactics Notified: Race 2: Diamonds And Rust – intention to be ridden prominently; led.
Race 2: Earth Song – to be ridden more forward; settled mid-field.
Race 2: Starla – to be ridden more forward; settled on-pace.
Race 6: Special Snap – to be ridden further forward from the inside barrier; led.
Change of Colours: Nil.
Change of Gear: Nil.
Follow up: Race 6: App R Dolan (Discussions) – careless riding.