Cambridge Stud advises on Piroplasmosis investigation

New Zealand's Cambridge Stud issued a released advising that the Stud was notified two weeks ago of a possible positive to a mare that was being prepared for export to Australia. She was negative to the C-Elisa test, but showed a low-titre positive to IFAT.

Australia requires clearance from both tests before a horse can be imported. The mare had been imported from Australia last year to be covered at Cambridge Stud, then returned to Australia. Following the notification by MPI, all movements on and off Cambridge Stud, Cambridge were suspended until further tests were carried out.

Under MPI testing protocols, a second sample was referred to a laboratory in Hokkaido, Japan that acts as a referee on piroplasmosis and we were informed on Friday, July 10th, that the sample was negative. Cambridge Stud have resumed all normal transport activities.

In relation to the original positive, that mare has been safely relocated to France following clearance from participating countries for her to travel through in transit.