Australian greyhound racing to benefit from Tabcorp/Sky US commingling deal

Tabcorp’s Sky Racing World has reached agreement to export Australian greyhound racing to a large US audience with American punters betting into Tabcorp’s Australian pools via new co-mingling arrangements.

The deal is expected to enhance the popularity of Australian greyhound racing to North American punters through wider coverage and access to deeper pools.

It will also create new streams of revenue for the sport and its participants and will provide additional volume in local tote pools.

The deal will cater to the growing appetite for wagering in the US and put the sport in front of a substantial North American audience in the most advantageous evening timeslot.

Tabcorp Managing Director Wagering & Media Adam Rytenskild said: “This deal will allow us to showcase greyhound racing to the massive North American market and develop new audiences with the benefits flowing back to the sport, participants and our business.

"Sky's international team works hard to ensure the best possible global distribution of all three codes of Australian racing. And this is a great example of Sky helping Australian racing to find the widest possible international audience.”

Under the deal, Sky Racing World will distribute selected races from Australian greyhound tracks into the US via Sky’s broadcast partners.

The US pool on these races will be commingled with TAB's NSW greyhound racing pool.