AJA calls for abolition of 'Ms' from guides

The Australian Jockeys' Association has labelled the use of the honorific 'Ms' for female riders in official race-day formguides as 'archaic' and declared it should be eradicated immediately.

"It's extremely outdated to have it in 2019, the AJA has been requesting its removal for a few years now and we hope it will happen shortly," said AJA CEO Martin Talty.

"It shouldn't even be up for discussion, it should just be removed so that female jockeys are labelled in the same manner as every other rider, they've certainly earnt that.

"They're jockeys, we don't label Hugh Bowman or Kerrin McEvoy as male jockeys so why should the female riders like Linda Meech be labelled when they compete on equal terms?"

Talty said the change can be made any time on a purely computer-generated basis and called on Racing Australia to hasten the process.

RA Chairman Greg Nichols discussed the possibility of a change on RSN927 on Tuesday.

"I think it's probably something that is a practice that's occurred for 20-30 years and no-one's thought about eradicating it," Nichols said.

"Personally I don't have any issue with removing it, we don't put Mr in front of Damien Oliver's name, putting Ms is probably a misnomer.

"So maybe there is an opportunity.

"It's not there because we want women to be subservient to the industry, it's there because no one has thought about eradicating it but that certainly is something that could be changed."

In a Twitter poll conducted by on Monday asking 'Should female jockeys have 'Ms' removed from official racing form', 52 per cent of the more than 1700 replies thought it should be removed.

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