Warwick Farm stewards' report


Australian Turf Club


Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Weather:                  Fine

Track:                       Good (4); upgraded to a Good (3) at 12pm following Race 1.

Rail:                          +3m

Penetrometer:          4.87


STEWARDS:   R W Livingstone (Chairman), P C Dingwall, T J Vassallo, J J E Earl and cadets M W Purse, F J Dale, T J Lee and R W Loughlin.


Supplementary Reports:

CANTERBURY PARK:  Friday, 9 February 2018

RACE 1 – TAB Handicap 1550m

Rockin' Ruga– co-trainer Mr A Bott advised that a subsequent veterinary examination of Rockin' Ruga, including scintigraphy, revealed an injury to its nearside shoulder for which the horse is being treated and will now be spelled.


RACE 8 – E-Group Security Handicap 1250m

Reward For Fashion– near the 300m, Leami Astray (J Ford) attempted to improve into a run between Great Choice and Reward For Fashion when there was insufficient room.  As a result, Reward For Fashion and Leami Astray made heavy contact resulting in Reward For Fashion being crowded and taken out and making contact with the hindquarter of Our Mantra, which became unbalanced and then shifted in slightly.  J Ford was reprimanded and advised that when attempting to improve into runs in the future, he must ensure there is sufficient room to do so.


WARWICK FARM:  Saturday, 10 February 2018

RACE 4 – TAB Highway Handicap 1200m

My Tagoson– trainer Mr R Northam advised that he was satisfied with the post race condition of My Tagoson and it is his intention to have the gelding have its next start in the country grade.




Due to the predicted hot conditions, level 2 of the Racing NSW Racing And Hot Weather Policy was invoked.  As a result of this, the following overweights were allowed:


Race 2 Kaffka – B Avdulla, ½ kg overweight
Race 4 Just Keep Giving – J Collett, 1 kg overweight
Race 6 Tinmine – App B McDougall, ½ kg over his declared riding weight
Race 8 Mahalangur – B Avdulla, ½ kg overweight




RACE 1 – Plate 1200m

Republic – when delayed arriving on course due to transport difficulties, was a late withdrawal at 11.05am.


Adana – began awkwardly and shifted in abruptly at the start.  Adana was held up for clear running rounding the home turn.


Venom – was steadied and taken back in behind runners from its wide barrier shortly after the start.


Couvre Lit – raced keenly in the early and middle stages.  Couvre Lit, when racing keenly near the 600m, was steadied away from the heels of Dio D'oro, which shifted out and then raced wide without cover thereafter.  Couvre Lit raced greenly in the straight.


Global Impact – raced wide and without cover throughout.


Black Haze – began awkwardly and knuckled shortly after the start.  Soon after the start, Black Haze, which was racing keenly, raced in restricted room inside Global Impact which was inclined to lay in away from Couvre Lit.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Black Haze to be showing signs of being heat affected.  The post race condition and plans of Black Haze will be followed up with the Hawkes stable in the days subsequent.


Ulusaba – which had been restless in the barriers, began awkwardly.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


RACE 2 – Casino Prince@Vinery Plate 1200m

Primitivo – when delayed arriving on course due to transport difficulties, was a late withdrawal at 11.28am.


Pretentious Man – stood flat footed as the start was effected and lost ground (2L).  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Decroux – laid out rounding the home turn and then continued to lay out in the straight.


RACE 3 – TAB Handicap 1100m

Ready For Love – was slow to begin.  Near the 30m, Ready For Love was steadied when awkwardly placed close to the heels of Sheikha (J Parr) which shifted out under pressure.  Ready For Love was then directed back to the inside of Sheikha to continue to improve which placed its rider at a disadvantage in riding his mount out to the end of the race.  J Parr was advised to exercise more care.


Deity – got its head up on jumping and then was steadied back in across runners from its wide barrier after the start.  Near the 150m, Deity became unbalanced.


Tarabai – raced keenly in the early stages.


RACE 4 – Ranvet Handicap 2200m

Meteorologist - which was fractious in the barriers, was slow to begin.


Firebird Flyer – had its head turned to the nearside as the start was effected and began a little awkwardly.  Firebird Flyer hung in in the straight.


Mazaz – after allowing Just Keep Giving to cross and take up the lead near the 1200m, shifted out in an endeavour to obtain a position to that horse's outside.  At this point, Hurricane Harbour and Mazaz raced tight as they had a short jostle for this position.  Ultimately, Mazaz restrained and took a trailing position behind Hurricane Harbour.


Just Keep Giving – when questioned, J Collett advised that the instructions had been to ride the horse quiet and save it for one run.  He added that in the early stages, he endeavoured to comply with those instructions, however with the slow tempo, he was unable to restrain Just Keep Giving sufficiently towards the rear of the field and as a result, from the 1500m he allowed his mount to stride forward and ultimately take up the lead.  He added that, however, Just Keep Giving was under pressure a long way from home and gave ground noticeably in the straight.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Just Keep Giving to be showing signs of heat stress which required some treatment.  Trainer Mr G Thompson confirmed that the plan was to have the horse ridden quietly and attributed the performance to the horse being ridden contrary to its usual racing pattern coupled with the amount of work the horse had to do in the early stages.  Mr Thompson was advised that in light of the way the race was run and the post race veterinary report, that a warning only would be placed on the performance of Just Keep Giving, however he was asked to provide a veterinary clearance for the horse prior to the mare starting again.


RACE 5 – Bowermans Office Furniture Handicap 1600m

Elatus – slow to begin.  


Sir Barb – slow to begin.  Sir Barb was held up rounding the home turn.


Vaniloquio – slow to begin.  When questioned regarding Vaniloquio racing further forward, T Clark advised he was under no specific instructions, however the preference was not to fight the horse as it has a tendency to overrace.  He added that in the early stages, he hoped it would obtain a position outside Aquatic, however when Sir Barb held its position to that horse's inside and when the tempo slowed, as opposed to excessively restraining Vaniloquio, he allowed it to stride forward and ultimately raced outside the leader.


It's A Lottery – near the 1200m, was steadied to avoid the heels of Balius (App B McDougall), which shifted in when not quite clear.  App McDougall was advised to exercise more care.  As a result of this, It's A Lottery, which then commenced to race keenly, shifted in further resulting in Tycoon Mar being tightened and brushing the running rail.  Shortly after straightening, It's A Lottery was steadied and taken in towards the heels of Vaniloquio by Aquatic (K McEvoy) which shifted in when inclined to lay in.  It's A Lottery was then awkwardly placed on the heels of Vaniloquio until passing the 200m.  K McEvoy was advised to exercise more care. 


Tycoon Mar – B El-Issa reported on scale that Tycoon Mar was making abnormal respiratory noises.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer Mr G Neale was advised a veterinary clearance would be required, including the results of a satisfactory endoscopic examination, prior to Tycoon Mar racing again.


RACE 6 – #Theraces Handicap 1100m

Artemis Rose – slow to begin.


Express Point – slow to begin.  Near the 600m, Express Point, which was inclined to race keenly, was crowded for room by Its Time For Magic (App L Magorrian), which shifted in when not quite clear.  App Magorrian was advised to exercise more care.  A short distance later, Its Time For Magic then laid out towards the heels of Tinmine and was steadied. 


Once More A Lady – bumped with Tinmine at the start.  Once More A Lady raced keenly in the early and middle stages.


Tinmine – bumped with Once More A Lady at the start.  Tinmine, when giving ground near the 200m, shifted out abruptly and became unbalanced.  Tinmine blundered on straightening.


Phoebe's Lass – raced keenly in the early and middle stages.  Phoebe's Lass laid in in the straight.


RACE 7 – 1st Rubick Yearlings In 2018 Sprint 1000m

Raiden – slow to begin.


Kanguru – slow to begin.  Kanguru, near the 100m, when commencing to close its race off strongly, became awkward on the heels of Johnny Roo Boy and was held up for a short distance before shifting out near the 50m to continue into clear running.


Nosey – after being only fairly away, then was crowded for room between Lucky Symbol and Johnny Roo Boy.  Approaching the winning post, Nosey raced in restricted room and was unable to be fully ridden out when racing tight inside Sky Mission (App R Hunt).  After passing the winning post, Sky Mission shifted in slightly resulting in Nosey having to be checked.  App Hunt was reprimanded.



Centro Superior – was steadied and taken back in behind runners from its wide barrier shortly after the start.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Lucky Symbol – raced wide and without cover throughout.


RACE 8 – Australian Turf Club Handicap 1400m

Witches – the declaration of correct weight was delayed to enable rider C Reith and trainer Mr B Widdup to view the patrol films of the home straight with respect to Witches, which was placed second.  It was established that Witches and Miss Ballantine brushed near the 150m and then raced tight for some distance thereafter due to both horses shifting ground and as they were satisfied there were not grounds for an objection, and the Stewards similarly agreed, correct weight was declared.


Mr McBat – began awkwardly and lost ground (2L).  


Mahalangur – slow to begin.  Mahalangur raced keenly in the middle stages.  


Kelvinside – was steadied and taken back in behind runners shortly after the start from its wide barrier.


Reiby Rampart – raced keenly in the early stages.  Reiby Rampart, after shifting to the outside of the heels of The Pharoah near the 400m, was held up and unable to obtain clear running until approaching 200m.  


Ghostly – near the 800m, Ghostly, which was racing keenly, was eased away from the heels of Miss Ballantine, shifted out and then raced wide and without cover for a short distance thereafter.


Gretna – J Ford advised that whilst the mare raced keenly throughout, it was most disappointing in the way it weakened, particularly over the latter stages of the race.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer Mr C Waller advised Gretna will now be spelled.


The Pharoah – when questioned, A Hyeronimus advised that whilst in his view The Pharoah had been mixing its form this preparation, he felt that the horse had an easy time in the lead, however was disappointing in the way it weakened in the straight.  He added that the only excuse he could offer is that The Pharoah may not have run out the 1400m of today's race.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer Mr R Litt advised The Pharoah has had some respiratory issues and will now undergo corrective surgery.



Elessedil – trainer Mr J Cummings was interviewed today regarding the circumstances surrounding Elessedil suffering a fatal injury.  Mr Cummings advised that at approximately 6.30am on 15 January 2018, whilst the filly was being led from Warwick Farm racecourse to his stables, it slipped over and suffered a hip injury.  He said the horse was immediately attended to during the course of the morning and veterinary care was provided at his stables.  Mr Cummings said that despite confinement to box rest and undergoing significant pain management, the filly showed progressive signs of shock throughout the morning and passed suddenly prior to midday, due to a catastrophic rupture of significant vessels caused by trauma.  After reviewing the filly's treatment records and after considering all of the available evidence, the Stewards were satisfied that the occurrence was due to accidental circumstances and that all appropriate endeavours, including veterinary care, were provided to assist the filly.


Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:  Adana, Black Haze, Global Impact, Dio D’oro.

Race 2:  Touch Of Mink, Pretentious Man, Decroux, Kaffka.

Race 3:  Sheikha, Deity, Ready For Love, Tarabai.

Race 4:  Hurricane Harbour, Caton, Red Dream, Firebird Flyer, Meteorologist.

Race 5:  Sir Barb, Elatus, Tycoon Mar, It’s A Lottery, Vaniloquio.

Race 6:  Its Time For Magic.

Race 7:  Lucky Symbol, Miss Liffey.

Race 8:  Reiby Rampart, Witches, Ghostly.


Fines: Nil
Reprimands: Canterbury (9.2.18):  J Ford (Leami Astray) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Race 7:  App R Hunt (Sky Mission) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Suspensions: Nil
Bleeders: Nil
Warnings: Race 4:  Just Keep Giving (trainer G Thompson) – poor performance.
Trials: Nil
Certificates: Race 4:  Just Keep Giving (trainer G Thompson) – heat stress.
Race 5: Tycoon Mar (trainer G Neale) – including scope.
Fall/Injuries: Nil
Change of Tactics: Race 4:  Hurricane Harbour to be ridden more forward; settled outside the leader.
Race 6:  Once More A Lady to be ridden prominently if it begins on terms; settled on pace.
Race 8:  Miss Ballantine to be ridden quieter; settled on pace.
Change of Colours: Race 7:  Sky Mission – white Club colours.
Change of Gear Nil
Follow up: Race 1:  Black Haze (Hawkes stable) – poor performance.