Raceday wagering review

The wagering review of Saturday's fixed odds betting for races at Randwick and Flemington.


Race 1                   Excellent Proposal required all of the 1400 metres to nose out Pixel Perfect on the line
                                Excellent Proposal was unfancied on raceday easing from $9 to $11
                                Runner-up Pixel Perfect was a bigger outsider having drifted from $26 to $34 on raceday
                                Unplaced favourite Mandela eased from $2 to $2.40 with one bet of $6,000 at $2.40 placed late
                                One punter also plonked $10,000 at $1.24 on Mandela to finish in the placings
                                There were late firms for the unplaced Havin’ Fun ($8.50 to $5.50) and Starla ($7.50 to $5.50)
                                Frosty Rocks ($10) finished third

Race 2                   Irish Songs was able to clear away from his rivals in taking out the TAB Highway
                                Irish Songs was easy on raceday despite being on the third line of betting ($6 to $8.50)
                                Runner-up Lady Demi opened $51 on Wednesday and was backed on raceday ($31 to $15)
                                The unplaced Moonshine Lady also had late admirers ($12 to $7.50)
                                Easing favourite Healing Hands ($2.50 to $2.90) finished out of the placings
                                Second elect Mr Wong (as short as $3.80 to $4.20) also failed to flatter
                                Bellastar ($34) was the third placegetter

Race 3                   Favourite backers were left to lament after Haut Brion Her was victorious
                                The heavily supported Sir Elton finished third and was in trouble entering the straight
                                Sir Elton opened $2 on Wednesday and closed $1.60 with three-quarters of the support
                                One bet of $20,000 at $1.65 was placed on the odds-on favourite
                                Haut Brion Her eased on raceday from $2.60 to $3.40 due to the backing for Sir Elton
                                One punter went against the trend with a $5,000 wager at $3.40
                                Runner-up Misteed was specked late from as much as $14 to $10

Race 4                   In what appeared to be a race of many chances, Bangkok was able to salute
                                Bangkok was one of six gallopers in single figures but was easy on raceday ($8 to $9.50)
                                Unplaced favourite Velocita (as short as $3.40 to $3.80) had a chequered passage
                                Runner-up The Party Girl received late support ($8 to $6.50)
                                Third placegetter Judge Judi eased marginally from $5.50 to $6
                                One bet of $10,000 at $6 was placed on Judge Judi
                                Slow Burn ($6) shared the second line of betting with Judge Judi but failed to run a place

Race 5                   Wu Gok managed to defy the drift and also hold off a fast-finishing Dagny
                                Wu Gok assumed favouritism after the scratching of Attorney yesterday afternoon
                                Wu Gok eased on raceday from $2.70 to as much as $3.60 before closing $3.40
                                Dagny’s slow start was the difference between a victory and a second placing
                                Dagny was specked on raceday from $8.50 to $7 (was as short as $6.50)
                                Third placegetter White Boots had raceday admirers ($4.40 to $3.60)
                                The unplaced Mask Of Time was $5 to as short as $4 before closing $4.40

Race 6                   After sitting outside the leader Milseain, Dr Drill powered away in the home straight
                                Dr Drill tightened from $5 at 8am AEST to an eventual $3.10 favourite
                                Even in the last 10 minutes of betting, Dr Drill was backed from $3.50 to $3.10
                                Loveisili eased late in betting from $4 to $4.60 and did not finish in the placings
                                The unplaced Toryjoy opened $3.50 favourite on Wednesday and closed $6
                                Costello ($12) and Matowi ($11) were the minor placegetters

Race 7                   The majority of punters were left to ponder after Smartedge registered an upset win
                                The seventh race was expected to be a battle between Ljungberg and Notation
                                Notation finished second and was reasonably solid in the market ($2.90 to $3.20 late)
                                If Notation gained a clear passage before the 200m mark, she probably would have won
                                Ljungberg was an unplaced favourite after being backed late from $3 to $2.30
                                Smartedge was unfancied on raceday drifting from $6.50 to $11
                                Gresham ($10) finished third

Race 8                   Coming down alongside the outside rail, Pelethronius recorded consecutive wins
                                The triumph was a little surprising as Pelethronius drifted on raceday from $7 to $12
                                The unplaced Zavance closed $3.80 favourite after being as much as $4.60 on raceday
                                Third placegetter Travancore was backed from $4.60 to $3.80 before closing $4.20
                                Condor failed to finish in the placings after shortening from $7 to $4.80
                                Pirate Ben ($61 outsider) separated Pelethronius and Travancore

Race 9                   Just like Pelethronius in the previous race, Taniko raced alongside the outside rail and saluted
                                Taniko was reasonably solid in raceday betting, easing marginally from $9 to $10
                                55 percent of the win hold was on Natalia, who hovered around the $2.30-$2.50 mark
                                The unplaced favourite Natalia eventually closed a $2.50 favourite
                                Bets of note on Natalia included $4,500 at $2.40 and $4,000 at $2.50
                                There was a late rally for the third placegetter Power Command (as much as $9 to $6.50)
                                Runner-up Royal Witness was a notable raceday drifter ($4.60 to $8)


Race 1                   In a stirring finish to the opening race, Carzoff was just able to outstay Masculino
                                Carzoff hovered around the $6-$7 mark on raceday before closing $6.50
                                Runner-up Masculino was the favourite despite easing late from $3.50 to $4.20
                                One punter placed an $8,000 wager at $3.50 on Masculino
                                One More Try – who was unplaced – opened $3.10 on Wednesday and closed $5.50
                                There was a late rally for the fourth-placed Tan Tat Trusting ($12 to $7.50)
                                Last Week ($10) finished third

Race 2                   Despite drifting late in betting, Sirius Suspect was far too strong in an open race
                                Sirius Suspect was as short as $3.90 but eventually closed a $4.60 favourite
                                Runner-up I’m Telling Ya eased marginally late from $6 to $6.50
                                Moor Wanted finished out of the placings after being solid in betting at $6
                                A late plunge for Moonlight Ruby ($19 to $10 on raceday) failed to materialise
                                Sheriff John Stone ($8.50 to $12) was the third placegetter

Race 3                   Huntly Castle booked his Victoria Derby berth after winning the Byerley Handicap
                                Huntly Castle closed $4 favourite and was solid on raceday around $3.80-$4 mark
                                Third placegetter Presently was backed in early betting from $5.50 to $3.80
                                However, Presently was easy in the market on raceday ($3.80 to $4.80 second elect)
                                Original favourite Echo Lad finished fourth (opened $3.90 on Wednesday; closed $5)
                                Runner-up Marndarra drifted from $5.50 to $9 on raceday
                                The unplaced Prophecies received late money (as much as $9.50 to $6.50)

Race 4                   Favourite punters were on good terms with themselves after Lord Belvedere saluted
                                Lord Belvedere opened $4 on Wednesday and eventually closed a $2.80 favourite
                                Lord Belvedere hovered between the $2.70-$2.90 mark during raceday betting
                                One punter also plonked $20,000 at $1.45 on Lord Belvedere to run a placing
                                The unplaced Sasko was backed from as much as $8 yesterday to $5 second elect
                                High Bridge – also unplaced – drifted in raceday betting from $4.80 to $6.50
                                The Statesman ($8.50 to $13) and San Remo ($26) were the minor placegetters

Race 5                   At a double-figure price, Shokora was victorious in what was an open event
                                There were raceday admirers for Shokora who shortened from $17 to $11
                                The unplaced Special Diva closed a $5 favourite after being as short as $4.20
                                Placegetters El Questro ($5.50) and Rat With Goldtooth ($5.50) were solid in betting
                                Fragonard eased late from $5.50 to $6.50 and failed to run a place

Race 6                   Early backers of Twilight Run were well rewarded in the first leg of the Quaddie
                                Twilight Run opened $9 on Wednesday and was as short as $5.50 last night
                                Twilight Run did ease on raceday from $5.50 to $7 but was still the third elect
                                Unplaced favourite Killavally was as short as $2.60, drifted to $3, and closed $2.80
                                Late bets of note on Killavally included $4,500 at $2.90 and $4,000 at $2.90
                                Third placegetter Phaistos was well fancied late ($5 to $3.50)
                                Runner-up Magnossiva was the second biggest outsider ($151)

Race 7                   Sylvia’s Mother did not let her many supporters down with bigger races in store
                                Sylvia’s Mother was heavily tried after opening $3.40 on Wednesday
                                Sylvia’s Mother eased late from $2.10 to $2.30 and most punters appreciated the drift
                                Raceday bets of note included $7,500 at $2.10 and $5,800 at $2.30
                                63 percent of the TAB Fixed Odds win hold was on Sylvia’s Mother
                                The unplaced Pinyin had some late support ($6 to $5)
                                My Pendant ($7.50) and Ruban Bleu ($101) were the minor placegetters

Race 8                   A plunge on Kentucky Freeze came to fruition with Jamie Kah piloting the gelding home
                                Kentucky Breeze was as much as $23 on raceday, as short as $11, and closed $13
                                Organza ($4.40 to $5.50) wasn’t able to hold off Kentucky Breeze as the post appeared
                                Third placegetter Reykjavik tightened late as favourite from $3.40 to $3.10
                                New Universe shortened from $4.40 to $3.80 second elect but failed to run a placing
                                Holbien – also unplaced – opened $15 on Wednesday and eventually closed $8.50

Race 9                   The majority of punters were unable to ‘get out’ with Prezado surprising in the last
                                Usain Bowler was a heavily supported favourite on raceday ($3.30 to $2.40)
                                Usain Bowler made late ground but did not feature in the placings
                                Notable bets on Usain Bowler included $5,000 and $4.500 at $2.40
                                Third placegetter Crack The Code drifted from $3.90 to $6.50 but was the second elect
                                Runner-up Wagner was also easy on raceday ($5 to $7.50)
                                Prezado was as short as $10 before blowing out to $17
                                There was a long-price rally for the unplaced Queen Annabel ($34 to $14)


One TAB punter plonked $30,000 at $1.70 on the victorious Westport in the Oaklands Plate (Race 2)