Cranbourne intruder probe continues

Victoria Police are continuing to investigate the intruder incident at the Cranbourne races last Friday night as club officials vow to ensure all interlopers are strongly dealt with.

Cranbourne Turf Club chief executive Neil Bainbridge said on Monday morning that the search was still on for the intruders, who ran onto the track as the field in the final race of the night turned the home corner.

‘’There were some reports on the news that police weren’t going to pursue the matter but the club is continuing its conversations with the police,’’ Bainbridge confirmed.

‘’Hopefully, it will get resolved pretty quickly.

‘’The vision is pretty clear and people must understand that when you enter a racecourse, there are cameras positioned all around the track and so wrong doers are going to get caught.’’

Bainbridge said the club was working with Racing Victoria to ensure any person found guilty over the incident is dealt with appropriately.

‘’Obviously, the club is continuing to pursue the matter and work with Racing Victoria to encourage a ban across all racetracks,’’ he said.

‘’We will exhaust all avenues to ensure these individuals suffer the full brunt of the law that is available.’’