BHA Disciplinary Panel Hearing in Faugheen inquiry to commence

On Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 July 2018 the Disciplinary Panel of the British Horseracing Authority will convene to consider charges against an Irish-based individual, Timothy Brennan.

10am - Timothy Brennan

1. Whether Timothy Brennan in the period between approximately 24 January 2016 and 20 February 2016 acted in breach of Rule (A) 41.2 and/or (A) 41.1 of the Rules of racing in that he conspired with Michael Brennan to commit a corrupt or fraudulent practice in relation to racing and then committed such a practice by:

(a) Communicating directly or indirectly to Michael Brennan, during the relevant period, inside information, relating to the prospects of FAUGHEEN (IRE) in the 2016 Cheltenham Champion Hurdle, obtained in his capacity as a Veterinary Surgeon to FAUGHEEN (IRE) which was not publicly available or authorised for such disclosure by the Rules of Racing knowing or suspecting that such information would or might be used to gain an unfair advantage in the betting market intending to make a gain for himself or another and/or to cause loss to another.


(b) During the relevant period he enabled and/or assisted Michael Brennan to cheat at gambling in relation to the 2016 Cheltenham Champion Hurdle.
Notes - The Panel for the hearing will be: HH Philip Curl (Chair), Jodie Mogford and Simon Rowlands.